Press Release from Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Department

Mangan, 26th May. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department, Mangan District successfully organized a 3-day Intensive Residential Skill Development Training on Poultry, Piggery and Dairy Farming under N.L.M from 22/05/2023 to 24/05/2023 at the Training Hall of District Veterinary Hospital, Mangan, for 50 nos. of farmers from Mangan District.
The training programme was designed to impart the farmers with technical expertise on different farming systems, farm management, diseases and the importance of vaccination, farm biosecurity measures, the importance of farm economics as well as record keeping. The training programme also focused on making the farmers aware of different departmental programmes/schemes like milk incentive of Rs.8/ lit, cattle insurance for both APL and BPL categories, and different types of loans like K.C.C and subsidized loans.
Dr. Kongcho O. Lachenpa, V.O, Heegyathang imparted the farmers with training on Piggery Farming starting with different types of breeds, farm management, farm economics, diseases and their prevention and control along with the importance of vaccination.
Dr. Rinchen L. Bhutia, V.O, Mangan trained the farmers on Poultry Management of both Layer and Broiler Birds focusing on the day-to-day management of the farm, diseases and their prevention and control, importance of vaccination.
Dr. Diki O Lepcha, V.O. imparted training on Dairy Farming introducing different types of breeds, farm management, diff types of diseases and their control, and clean milk production. Dr. Hissay D Lepcha, Deputy Director, informed the gathering about the prevailing Lumpy Skin Disease and its prevention and control, the importance of vaccination against different diseases like L.S.D, F.M.D, A.S.F, P.P.R and requested the farmers to cooperate with the departmental staff during vaccination.
Mrs. Susan Rai, Branch Manager, SISCO Bank, Mangan, talked about the different types of Animal Husbandry related loan schemes emphasizing on K.C.C. She also explained the meaning of a subsidy loan which the farmers apply for without proper understanding.
The final day valedictory function was graced by the presence of Zilla Adhakshya, Mangan District, Shri Kado Lepcha as chief guest and Up-Adhakshya, Mangan District Smt. Sonam Kipa Bhutia as Guest of Honour. Certificates were distributed by them to the participants on successfully completing the training.
Dr. Dechen O Kaleon, Additional Director, Mangan, talked about ongoing departmental schemes and emphasized on the importance of the scientific approach to traditional animal husbandry practices. Smt. Sonam Kipa Bhutia, Up-Adhakshya, Mangan District, encouraged the farmers to take up animal husbandry on a large scale for economic upliftment. Shri Kado Lepcha, Adhakshya, Mangan District reflected upon the importance of animal husbandry in our daily lives and how it can improve our community as a whole. The training programme concluded with positive feedback from the farmers.

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