HM Shri Sonam Lama chairs the District Planning Committee at Zilla Panchayat Bhawan

Gangtok, 24th May 2023(IPR): Shri Sonam Lama, Minister, Rural Management & Development Department, chaired the District Planning Committee at the Conference Hall of Zilla Panchayat Bhawan, Gangtok.
Shri Balaram Adhikari, Adhakshya cum Chairman, Gangtok District Zilla Panchayat, Smt Devi Maya Pradhan, Upa Adhakshya, members of Gangtok District Zilla Panchayat, Shri Sonam Gyatso Bhutia, District Planning Officer cum Member Secretary, Zilla Panchayat, Senior officials of Gangtok District Zilla Panchayat(GDZP), Project Director, SE, DE, OS/JE’s, and staff were present.
Shri Sonam Lama, Minister of the Rural Development Department, expressed his gratitude for being present at the first District Planning Committee Meeting after the formation of Gangtok District. He said that the Zilla members have been mandated for the welfare development of the society and requested them to utilize the available resources. He stated that the developmental work process must be comprehensive, involving the full convergence of plans and proposals discussed and passed in the house. He further said that officials play a major role in providing correct inputs relating to development and leveraging for societal progress.
In addition, he said that it is his pleasure to interact with the Zilla members and officials of allied departments. He urged them to work in close coordination so that the energy could be built up for better execution of the plans passed in today’s District Committee Meeting. Henceforth, he said that the demands put up in the meetings would be further discussed with the Chief Minister of the State and assured the members that the government will always facilitate a workflow management system.
Shri Balaram Adhikari, Adhakshya cum chairman(Gangtok District Zilla Panchayat), welcomed the Minister, zilla members, and administrators who have been working together with a conclusive effort for the welfare of the society where all the major performance parameters of the key focus areas at the respective territorial constituencies are accentuated. He said the funds are allocated to the territorial constituencies so that the elected representatives can do good work, delivering good public services in the Gangtok district. He stated that a minimum appropriation is for various construction and maintenance purposes. He also urged the elected members to utilize the fund in the right direction in accordance with the Act and guidelines. Further, he requested the officials and the Zilla members to work in tandem to manage the regular civic and welfare function in the district.
Earlier, a PowerPoint presentation of the detailed plan for the 5th SFC Grant (2022-23) was presented by Shri Sonam Gyatso Bhutia, District Planning Officer cum Member Secretary.
1. 15th SFC FUND 2022- 2023-Rs. 53,63,448/
2. 5th SFC FUND (2nd & 3rd Quarter)-Rs. 1,03,69000/-
3. 5th SFC FUND (4th Quarter) -Rs.51, 84,500
The constituencies are:
Reading Tintek, Samdong Kambal, Tumin Singbel, Simik Lingzey, Dung Dung Thasa, Kamdong, Sirwani Chisopani, Byeng Martam, Samik Namli Ward, Samlik Namli, Rey Rumtek, Luing Ranka, Bhusuk Nandok, Tathangchen Syari, Kyongnosla and Gnathang.
TOTAL FUND PASSED – Rs.20, 91,6,948/-
15th FC (2023-2024)
1. FUND ALLOCATED -Rs.49, 65000/-
2. FUND RELEASED TO 15 ZILLA MEMBERS for their respective territorial constituencies is Rs.3, 31,000/- each
3. DRINKING WATER – Rs. 1,65,500/-
4. SANITATION – Rs. 1,65,000/-
5. TIED GRANT is to be divided in a 50:50 ratio in sanitation and drinking water
This is 60% of the fund allocation.
15th FC (2023-2024) UNTIED GRANT
FUND ALLOCATED – Rs.33, 10,000/-
A fund to be released to 15 Nos. Of Zilla Panchayat for their respective territorial constituencies is Rs.2, 20,666/-each.
This is 40% of the fund allocation.
This fund should be used for the rural/ basic need of the area. The fund shall be utilized as basic Grants, which can be used as a United fund to take up those activities that the Zilla Panchayat Member feels necessary.
No purchase and distribution of Plastic chairs, Tanks, Pipe Utensils, etc., shall be permitted. All assets created from this fund are to be Geotagged.
Formation of the new Standing Committee
Education and Skill Development
Shri Balaram Adhikari : Chairperson
Smt Shanti Rai: Member
Shri Biswadeep Sapkota: Member
Sr. Accounts Officer GDZP: Member Secretary, GDZP
Agriculture, Forestry, Watershed and Allied Activities
Smt Devi Maya Pradhan: Chairperson
Member: Shri Anirudhra Bastakoti
Member: Smt Kusum Chettri
Member Secretary: DPO, GDZP
Chairperson: Shri Sherap Kazi
Member: Smt Sita Sharma
Member Secretary: DPO, GDZP
Public Work
Chairperson: Smt Dayange Sherpa
Member: Smt Sita Sharma
Member Secretary : S.E/D.E, GDZP
Economic Development and Planning
Chairperson: Shri Dupgyal Lepcha
Member: Smt Deepa Khatri
Member Secretary: DPO, GDZP
Public Work
Chairperson: Shri Lakpa Tshering Kagatey
Member: Shri Suman Lamichaney
Member: Smt Dhan Maya Rai
Member Secretary: Sr. Accounts Officer GDZ
During the meeting, the dignitaries presented Identity Cards to all the Zilla Members of Gangtok District.
The House was open to a discussion where various issues were raised, and suggestions were put forth. The Chair and the concerned officials addressed the concerns.
This was the first District Planning Committee meeting after the formation of Gangtok District.
The programme was coordinated by Shri Sonam Gyatso Bhutia, District Planning Officer cum Member Secretary Zilla Panchayat.
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Shri Sherab Kazi, Zilla Panchayat Member, Simik Lengzey, Territorial Constituency.

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